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About Infinity

about us

We are a Pune based manufacturer of secondary packaging solutions, sachet handling and material conveying systems.

We have 20 years of rich experience in packaging and conveyors.

We have a team of talented and committed people who works to their heart and soul to deliver the promise.

Our total effort is to provide automated solutions for all your secondary packaging and process challenges to avoid the stressful manual work with simplified automated working environment.

We have a state of the art work facility which uses most advance and cutting edge manufacturing processes to deliver the best quality product.

As we promote automated and systemized way of working in production, we at our works use the SAP system for all the company operations to serve our customers in a more organized way.

We have a full fledged design studio with Solid Edge software to design and deliver the best solutions to our customers for their secondary packaging and process challenges.


about us

To be the world leader in "End of Line Packaging and Conveying Solutions" through our passion for innovation with commitment and honesty.


about us

To build a word class organisation through helping customers achieve their business objectives by providing Innovative, Best in Class Solutions and Services.

Our Commitment

about us

Our commitment towards service, quality and values makes us unique. "Trust is the result of consistent delivery of promises."

Our Values

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