Flat Belt Conveyors

The flat belt conveyor is largely used for manual feeding in inkjet printing, inspection, and secondary manual packaging. Besides, it is also used to convey bags or pouches up to 50 kgs in weight.

Modular Conveyors

When you need to convey high loads at high speed, modular plastic conveyors suit you right. Made up of interlocked plastic segments, they can be replaced easily with the minimum investment when needed.

Roller Conveyors

A conveyor that is constructed out of a series of parallel rotating bars which move your parcels to their end destination is ideally a roller conveyor.

Compression Conveyors

The sandwich conveyor is primarily used to get rid of excess air from pouches that are packed. Besides, it is also used to flatten the pouch that contains powder or granular products.

Z Bucket Elevators/Multi Drop Elevator

Infinity’s highly suitable for silent operations and nearly all types of food packaging. The bucket capacity is 3 litres, and the material feeding height is around 500 mm which can be adjusted.

Vertical Crate/Box Lifters

We at Infinity Automated Solutions Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of vertical lift conveyor systems. We are the largest vertical lift conveyor manufacturers in India.

Spiral Conveyors

Infinity’s Spiral Conveyors are based on a new and innovative technology, offering many features and benefits. Spirals conveyors can convey full and empty cartons, cases, trays, totes and all sorts of packaged goods in a continuous flow.