At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread along 30,000 sq feet, we use advanced and  modern technology to deliver customized solutions to our clients. We use our expertise and  knowledge to provide automated solutions for all packaging and process challenges. Our team consists of 95+ committed and dedicated individuals who strive hard to offer the best  possible solutions to our clients as per their requirements. We leave no stone unturned when it comes  to fulfilling our client’s business requirements. We have a state-of-the-art work facility that uses the  most advance and cutting-edge manufacturing processes to deliver the best quality product.

Technology & Softwares

We have a full-fledged design studio with Solid Edge software to design and deliver the best  solutions to our customers for their secondary packaging and process challenges. As we promote automated and systemized way of working in production, we at our works use the SAP system for all the company operations to serve our customers in a more organized way.

We invested in a highly advanced software system for our designing team “TeamCentre”  Teamcenter brings together our company’s product, process, manufacturing, and service  knowledge in a single, comprehensive PLM environment to support global collaboration.  Teamcenter helps us capture and deploy experience and best practices. This software  enhanced our capabilities for all relevant product information to decision-makers  throughout the product lifecycle to better synchronize efforts, increase productivity and  achieve greater innovation.

Deployment of Teamcenter at Infinity enhanced capabilities for systems engineering and  help us to improve the delivery of products that reflect the voice of your customer. By  empowering all individuals and functional teams throughout the lifecycle with visibility to  customer requirements and the knowledge behind them, we deliver the project with  committed schedules & in line with customer’s approval at each stage of manufacturing.