Secondary Packaging for Strip of Pouches

Infinity’s secondary packaging solution for strips of pouches is used to make a stack of product strips or collate the strips and provide a neat flow-wrapped package at high production speeds. The secondary packs are made in Heat Sealable Laminate.

The secondary packaging automation is made of a conveyor at the output of the VFFS machine and an intermediate conveyor to align the speed of the pouches. Further, it also consists of a matrix conveyor to produce matrixes and feed the same to horizontal flow wraps. The system utilizes Infinity’s state-of-the-art PICK & PLACE system for gentle product transfer, precise handling, and quick changeovers.

The maximum input speed is 100 packs/minute from VFFS and the output speed is 8-12 secondary packs per minute and can also be integrated with your VFFS and HFFS machines. This sensor-based technology enables the exact count of your products and ensures 100% QA products reach customers. Every secondary packaging solution we offer is developed and customized keeping in mind our client’s requirement and area of application.