The flat belt conveyor is largely used for manual feeding in inkjet printing, inspection, and secondary manual packaging. Besides, it is also used to convey bags or pouches up to 50 kgs in weight. The flat belt conveyor can be customized based on length, width, and the operating height. At Infinity, we aim to develop high-quality, reliable, efficient, and robust flat belt conveyors as per the requirement of our clients.

The conveyor belt is a PVC or a PU grade belt and the width and length is adjusted as per the client’s requirement.

Its key features like compact frame height, crowned rollers, appropriate slider bed, low maintenance make it the most appropriate product for conveying. The highlight of the solution being its ability to convey parcels from very small sizes to large sizes.

The standard material of construction is Aluminium and MS profile depending upon the application. Infinity customizes the conveyor as per the requirement of your facility.