Weighing, counting, analysis, and process control technologies are used in checkweighing systems. A checkweigher weighs and counts products in motion and rejects products that do not meet pre-determined specifications. As a package moves onto the checkweigher infeed, it is weighed using a weigh cell in the weigh table. The package then moves onto the outfeed of the checkweigher to be accepted or rejected according to the checkweigher settings.  If a problem is indicated, a product is rejected and removed from the conveyor via an air blast, bopper, or pusher. The rejected products can also be diverted or dropped into a separate area for further inspection.

Advances in these systems deliver reliable accuracy in weighing variable package sizes, even those that are large and heavy, without stopping or recalibrating the checkweigher conveyor. Infinity’s industry specific checkweigher equipment accommodates a versatile range of conveyor systems and can be customized to your specifications for maximized efficiency and consistent product throughput, even in rugged industrial environments. From raw or frozen products, bags, cases or barrels to, mailers, totes, and cases, our high-rate checkweighers will keep your line moving toward maximum productivity at all times.

Infinity offers a wide range of check Weighers right from 500gm to 50Kg. Below spread sheet will help you to select the right model meeting you project demands specific to weighing range, accuracy & speed.