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Z Bucket Conveyer - Multi Drop

The multi-drop Z type bucket conveyor is primarily used to transfer material such as grains, pulses, namkeen, wafers and more. The mentioned items are transferred from the floor level to the required height and distance.

The bucket capacity is 4 litres and the material feeding height is around 500 mm. Besides, the material dropping height can range from 2 meters to 12 meters as per the requirement. We offer customized solutions at Infinity catering to the requirement of our clients.

The z bucket elevator comes with a dust-proof enclosure that ensures no external matter can penetrate the material. Infinity has gradually established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of Z bucket conveyor and Z bucket elevators in India.


  • 1. Totally dust proof enclosure for avoiding foreign particles in material.
  • 2. Elevator is provided with wheels for easy relocation The elevator is provided with level sensors & control, so it accurately controls the material flow and maintains the machine hopper level.
  • 3. Elevator is provided with safety switches for protecting operator from accidents.
  • 4. Elevator is equiped with electrical safety for reverse polarity, single phasing and overload of motor.
  • 5. Inching feature is given, so the buckets can be moved slowly by pressing a push button, this helps in cleaning the buckets.

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