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Twin Track Secondary Packaging System For Strip Pouches

We at Infinity Automated Solutions offers excellent automated solutions for secondary packaging for various industries viz, Spices, Tea, Biscuits, Food Products, Namkeens, Seed, Tobacco, pharmaceutical, Dairy Products, Daily Need Products, etc. This secondary packaging machine of the secondary packaging can take the output from two primary VFFS machines at the speed of 200 pouches /min. automatically with the help of collating, pick and place and flow wrap system. We manufacture customized secondary Packaging Solutions as per the requirement of the customer or the industry.


  • 1. Can be integrated with two VFFS or HFFS machine of any brand.
  • 2. Very attractive and reliable secondary pack.
  • 3. Online inspection systems can be integrated with the secondary packaging solution like check weigher, metal detector, vision systems etc.

Secondary packaging for strip of Pouches:

Secondary packaging for strip of Pouches

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