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Tray Filling and Sealing Machine

The tray filling and sealing machines developed by Infinity is an ideal solution for filling up different types of granules and snacks into plastic trays in an automated manner. The products are either fed through a multi-head weigher or same filling machine. We offer customized tray sealing machine to our clients as per their requirement.

The trays are then sealed in a tray sealing machine that is connected to a filling line. The servo pick and place machine are used to place the filled trays in the sealing machine. This tray filling conveyor machine is very easy to operate and can be hooked to any filler or sealing machine.


  • 1. Easy to operate.
  • 2. Can be hooked up with any filler or any kind of sealing machine.
  • 3. Any shape of trays can be filled online.
  • 4. Product settling through special vibrator at the time of filling on the conveyor.
  • 5. Customised Pick and place Unit as per tray size and shape.
  • 6. Speed up to 60 trays/min.

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