Infinity’s highly suitable for silent operations and nearly all types of food packaging. The bucket capacity is 3 litres, and the material feeding height is around 500 mm which can be adjusted. The range of the material dropping height is 2 to 12 meters and be customized based on the application.

The highlight of our Z-type bucket elevator conveyor includes low maintenance, robust design, and optimum performance. Moreover, the bucket elevator is developed to ensure maximum efficiency. It is highly durable and is widely used to package, nuts, grains, dry chemicals, and more.


  1. Totally dustproof enclosure for avoiding foreign particles in the material.
  2. Elevator is provided with wheels for easy relocation The elevator is provided with level sensors & control, so it accurately controls the material flow and maintains the machine hopper level.
  3. Elevator is provided with safety switches for protecting the operator from accidents.
  4. Elevator is equipped with electrical safety for reverse polarity, single phasing, and overload of motor.
  5. Inching feature is given, so the buckets can be moved slowly by pressing a push button, this helps in cleaning the buckets.