Infinity’s Automatic Bagging Systems collects products from VFFS of HFFS and  are transferred first to a high-speed conveyor, typical large size pouches ranging from 0.5Kg to 3K. These products  are then passed through a sandwich conveyor that flattens the pouches precisely for perfect product alignment and  to reduce the size of the final bagging. Before this stage, the products can be passed through a Check Weighers of a Metal Detector for Quality Assurance. The products get assembled at gate flap assembly for creating the  desired matrix, product count, and easy entry to a secondary VFFS machine. The secondary VFFS enables an  exact count of product from the gate flap assembly, easy product transfer and proper sealing for secondary bags.

The maximum input speed is 100 packs/minute from VFFS and the output speed is 7-8 secondary packs per minute.

This sensor-based technology enables the exact count of your products and ensures 100% QA products reach  customers along with a check-weighing option. Every secondary packaging solution we offer is developed and customized keeping in mind our client’s requirement and area of application.