Infinity’s Automated Case Packer extends its capabilities to handle strip of pouches. It could be either pillow bags or flat pouches. A 100% servo-driven case packaging system, matching the speed, accuracy, and efficiency requirements. System is expected to be integrated with high-speed primary VFSS or HFFS.

The strip of pouches is pass through zig-zag folding module to collate the strips and provide easy feeding inside cartons.

At the same time, we have carton erectors with bottom taping, carton closures and transfer for next processes.

Optional quality assurance is provided using a weighing scale, to ensure only 100% conforming products are delivered.

This system adds value proposition with unbeatable flexibility inside of a small, space-saving footprint. The main performance advantage of our top load pick-and-place machine is its ability to achieve higher throughputs while simultaneously multi-tasking. All of this is achieved synchronously while securing case flaps and picking and placing products – all inside the shortest of cycle times and within a compact footprint.

This rugged, compact system contains everything to boost top loading output. Its rotors were chosen to deposit flexible bags into cases and enable the machine to pack a wide variety of pack patterns at high speeds. Its open design provides exceptional visibility of the entire packaging process. This allows for fast and easy training of operators.