Automated Case Erectors Sealers
Automated Taping Machine

Infinity provides standalone Case Erectors & Sealing modules that can be integrated to your production line to match speeds and increase efficiency.

In today’s fast paced environment, packaging facilities are driven by tight production deadlines and shipping timetables. To keep pace, manufacturers and distribution centres need 1.) case erectors that don’t jam and cause downtime, and; 2.) machines that produce uniformly square cases with perfect 90-degree-angle integrity, which means cases pack, stack and palletize better. Maintaining throughput and transportation flow, and ensuring product arrives without damage, depends on it.

The ergonomic easy access magazine has retainers that ensure a clean release of each blank from the magazine.

The blank seeking, dedicated suction cup pick-up frame, pulls the blank open from the leading major and minor panels, which guarantees 90-degree corners; then the bottom flaps are folded while the case is held in a square position. Bottom taping can be done at the same time

Flap folders and the pusher bar keep the case square during transition to sealing, while spring-loaded side belts adjust for variations in width and hold the case square as the bottom is being taped or glued.

This Total Control System helps us fulfil our mission to dramatically reduce shipping damage and our customers achieve their tight shipping deadlines.