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End of Line Packaging Solution - Pouch Into Case

Infinity Automated Solutions Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing end of line packaging automation for Food & non-food industry. We are a leading End of line packaging solutions provider in India. Our innovatively designed solutions will result in smooth and fast secondary packaging of the pouch into carton or case.

All end of line packaging system is designed for customized applications. We provide an online matrix for pouches, online filling of pouches into carton or in cases. The stitching, counting and weighing part is done online.


  • 1. Online counting of Carton or cases.
  • 2. Automatic Weighing.
  • 3. No manual interruption.
  • 4. Attractive and safe packaging.
  • 5. Saves huge labour cost of manual packaging.

Pouches into Box:

Pouches into Box

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