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Automatic Cartoning Machine

The automatic cartoning machine manufactured by Infinity picks a single piece from a stack of folded cartons. Further, it fills it with the product or multiple products in a horizontal direction through the open end and seals the flaps of the carton using an adhesive or glue.

The maximum speed that can be achieved is around 120 cartons/minute with the maximum width of carton being 175 mm and maximum length of 100 mm.

Although the different products are inserted into the carton in a manual way, the product is packed into a carton either using a pneumatic pusher or a mechanical pusher for several applications. Our automatic cartooning machines are widely used in different industries such as medicine, cosmetics, food packaging, confectionery, and are tailored to suit the requirement of our clients.

Infinity is a highly reputed manufacturer of advanced auto cartoner machine, horizontal cartoning machine, automated box packaging systems and carton box packaging machines.

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