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Flat Belt Conveyor

It is most useful for manual feeding for inkjet printing, manual secondary packing and inspection.

It is used for conveying of pouches, bags (up to 50kg), it can be made in any length, width and operating height as per requirement.

We have some standard models for ink jet printing application and as a packing conveyor.

Technical Specifications:

Construction MS powder coated or stainless steel
Belt PVC belt or PU food grade belt (plain or texture)
Rollers SS 304 (or MS) and Aluminum
Width and Length As per requirement
Gear motor Mgm Varvel make or equivalent

Rotary Table

Rotary table is a round table which rotates at slow speed and collects pouches coming over conveyor from packaging machine.

It is very useful for efficient manual secondary packing, it reduces the stressful work of lifting the packets from all over for manual secondary packing.

Technical Specifications:

Table diameter 1200 mm
Application Pouches, boxes or bottle collection
Motor 0.5 hp
Speed 8 to 20 RPM (Variable through VFD)
Construction SS 304 mirror finish
Height 800 to 1000 mm (settable)

Modular Belt Conveyor

These are the most useful conveyors for product movement such as pouches, bags, boxes or any kind of packed commodity in a factory.

Moving products through inclines, declines and production line curves, the sprocket driven thermoplastic belts ensure positive tracking while providing quiet, smooth, trouble-free performance.

Technical Specifications:

Frame Construction SS 304 or Powder Coated Mild Steel
Standard Chain Width 2",4",6", 12",18" and 24"
Wearstrips 1/8" Thick UHMW in Straights
Motor/Reducer MGM Varvel make
Speeds Minimum 5 m/min
Maximum 40 m/min
Chain Styles Flat Top, Radius Flush Grid, LBP Roller, Flat Friction

Roller Conveyor

Mainly there are three types Roller conveyors

a) Powered Roller Conveyors : are chain driven (Continuous chain drive or Roll-To-Roll chain drive). Modular construction in standard. Adjustable leg support eases installation and leveling at site. MOC can be MS or SS as desired.

b) Power & Free Roller Conveyors : Rollers are weight sensitive (Which is adjustable) & they get disconnected from the chain drive for loads higher than set load. Roller - MS Chrome Plated or Galvanized, SS 304, SS316.

c) Gravity Roller Conveyors : With Gravity material to be conveyed rolls down by gravity over roller bed.

Technical Specifications:

Frame Construction SS_304 or MS powder coated
Roller SS_304 or MS platted
Drive Optional
Gear Motor (if drive) MGM Varvel make or equivalent
Speeds Up to 20 m /min

Sandwich Conveyor

It is used for removing the air from packed Pouches or to flattened the pouch filled with powder or granular products.

It has two conveyors, which can be adjusted through rotating wheel to adjust the pressure and gap between the two conveyors .

It is mostly used for big pouches of 2 kg ,5 kg or 10 kg to remove the air from pouch and flatten them for easy secondary packing and transportation.

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