Pouch Bundling System

How pouch bundling strategy increases sales goals for your organization

The supplement packaging is a strategic decision tied with sales promotions. Look at the larger picture to understandhowthe pouch bundling system makes a huge difference. The two-in-one products lined in the aisles of the supermarkets make itquite clear. Such FMCG products get picked up easily and help a company to move the inventory before the expiry date.

Interested in meeting your sales targets quickly this festive season?

Infinity Automated Solutions is an ISO-certified company that helps organizations to sell their products with its automated secondary packaging system. It is one of the fastest growing pouch in bag system manufacturers in India today.

Basic consultation queries we handle:

1. How does the bundling strategy trigger swift sales?

2. Why is this promotional strategy popular just before the festive season?

3. What are the advantages and their types?

4. Approaching manufacturers for Pouch Bundling System.

A Pouch Bundling System is a technique wherein two or more products are tied and sold as a ‘package.’ Often a company thatretails several products gives sales offers, promotions, and discounts through this strategy. They are soldat one single unit price. In the supermarket,they appear as gift packages or special promotions for a new launch. This is a wonderful way to increase an order’s demand. The biggest examples we see are available on e-commerce websites selling bundle packaged products.

When it comes to festival shopping, consumers like discounts and economical pricing. It is the perfect way to reduce stocks in the warehouse to accommodate fresh items for the seller. Small or lesser selling items are often bundled off with bestsellers for quick movement.

There are various types of bundling strategies used by pouch in bag system manufacturers in India. They are beneficial as they reduce the carbon footprint, cost of manufacture, and waste. The pouches can be designed in several compact and creative ways.

Infinity Automated Solutions offers different types of bundling for making attractive packages. We integrate solutions with check weigher, metal detector, and vision systems. If you are planning to try the Pouch Bundling System, we propose methods to increase your sales with effective promotional packages. • Single-dose packaging helps customers to useitems without having to buy large bottles. A small serving allows a customer to taste or tryeach one and provide feedback. It can be clubbed with the flagship product.

• Multiple dose packaging is very common with coffee or vitamin supplements. Regular customers benefit from this bundle. It is a great money saver and earns goodwill for your company.

• Puree bundling packages have bundles where products cannot be removed and come as a single package. This type limits the items for consumers, as all are not relevant to their needs. For example, a company offers online its 5 kg packet of atta (1 kg of sugar, half a liter cooking oil, 500 gms dal, and packets of biscuits).

• The same product bundle is great for giving an offer of one-on-one free. This is a huge seller on e-commerce platforms.

Infinity Automated Solutions company has sophisticated machinery that handles various kinds of Pouch Bundling System to meet your sales goals. This festive season, opt for our automated services. We offer reliable secondary packing systems with online inspections.

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