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FMGC Alert: Benefits of Integrating Secondary Packaging Lines Closer to Consumers

The cost and complexity of packaging a product create bottlenecks in the final supply chain. The appropriate choice of secondary solution for an automated cartoning system is the key to controlling disruption. Selecting the right Auto Cartoning System Manufacturers in India for the last mile operations is critical.

Infinity Automated Solutions Private Limited is always the preferred choice for several industry verticals for packaging solutions. As a reputed Horizontal Cartoning Machine manufacturer in India, we have expert engineering solutions for repeated customers and a new client base every year.

Key takeaways • Low-cost operations with secondary packaging automated machines

• The benefits of integration shorten costs

• The key advantages of Infinity’s ACM 40/100

Adhering to low-cost operations

Edible items, beverages, or RTE products need to reach the end consumer with freshness is critical. For large-scale chocolate makers, Pharma & Blister companies, and cosmetic giants the choice of secondary packaging lines makes a huge difference. It impacts the pricing, cost, and manpower requirement for warehousing, logistics, distribution channels, and reaching retailers. They depend on expertise for high-volume packing done by experienced manufacturers.

Automated Carton manufacturers in India like Infinity Solutions offer a huge potential for mandatory packing needs of products in highly sensitive price categories. Brand owners need to have the right infrastructure to handle and operate multiple processes in a single operation. It is essential for mass marketing and timely execution. Shelf-ready packing is the answer to the packing needs.

Benefits of Auto Cartoner reduces production cost:

The automated cartoner machine has 3 major key benefits for the customer.

• Benefits of integrating secondary packaging lines into your primary lines

• Reduce manpower & packaging costs

• Increase operational efficiency and productivity

Key advantages of Infinity’s ACM 40/100

Infinity Automated Solutions Private Limited manufactures cartoning machines required for several products and industrial applications.

Two types are:

• ACM40 classifies itself as an Intermittent Automated Cartoner designed to provide speeds up to 40ppm.

• The other one is ACM100 which is a continuous motion-controlled Automated Cartoner that provides speed up to 120ppm.

We present the “No Product no carton”version of ACM 40/100 with interlock features. Automatic Cartoning Machine-ACM-40/100 of Infinity Automated Solutions Pvt Ltd is a horizontal Cartoning system that enables gentle carton erection from the magazine, inserts the products accurately, and seals the carton with tuck or glue options. The system is designed with interlock features that enable the “no carton no product” solution. In combination with Infinity’s product handling capabilities, this is the ideal machine to produce high-end products in addition to the folding carton. The system is designed for an optional visualization of the products during the packaging process combined with an outstanding ergonomic operator concept. Like all Infinity’s machines, the system is equipped with state-of-the-art control technology and an operator-friendly HMI concept. Ultimately it offers the best price/performance ratio which is the main prerequisite for our clients.

Infinity Solutions is a value-based solution provider for Horizontal Cartoning Machine Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for customized designs or suitable packing designs? DO you need to shorten your packaging processes and reduce costs? As one of India’s leading automated cartoner manufacturers, Infinity Automated Solutions offers the most agile options.

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