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Mixers and Blenders


Ribbon Blender

It is usually use as agitator or mixer. Mainly it is used to mix or blend two/more kind of powders together as a one entity.


  • The shape and inclination angle of the blender is very precise to the extent for proper mixing
  • Centrally located material discharge valve (Sliding/Butterfly valve)
  • Discharge height can be adjusted
  • Motor used with permanent lubricated gear box
  • Homogeneous mixing/blending in minimum cycle time
  • Available in GMP model

General Specifications:

Capacity Available in range of 75 to 3000 in ltr.
Feeding Height 1172 to 2822 mm (as per models)
Discharge Height 600 to 1220 mm (as per models)
Motor 2 to 25 hp (as per mixing capacity)
Available in GMP Model (on demand)

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